No Avocado!?

Well, I’m serious distressed because when I always want to buy avocado juice, the sellers (in the whole town) always says it’s empty, or it’s not the season for avocado, because in Indonesia avocado grows seasonally in the end of the rainy season. Huh.. What a season! For me, if it isn’t the end of avocado season, avocados are rare, and only a few kilos (or maybe only dozens) of avocado that restaurants can sell, and maybe a few avocados for juice sellers. But I hope avocado season will come fastly! 😉


Like a Translator!

What subtitle can I work if it’s not English to Indonesian, or it’s opposite?

A few these days I downloaded a new Ancient Aliens series “The Vikings’ Gods”. I simply find and download the English subtitle on SubScene (the Indonesian are not available). Then, I extract the subtitle and open it with Notepad. After that, I simply translate it without changing the duration of each subtitle (even some of the subtitles came earlier than it has to be). I feel like I am a subtitle worker! Even if it takes a long time to translate the entire episode; I work for a few days and I only translated 6 minutes! But I’m not full-time worker :p


Reaching the Other Dimension

After years researching the wormhole.. We finally create it..

My friend and I slowly move to that big hole… Slowly… And when we get inside it we were likely pulled..! It pulled fastly and we realize we reached the other side… Andromeda Galaxy! We reached 2.5 million light years with only a few seconds! And then some grey aliens come to us and say, “Welcome, humans of Earth. Your arrival is welcomed..”

But then, I woke up and have a such heartbeat..