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Ancient Technologies pt. 3

After watching the episode about the Viking’s mythology, I was inspirated to write down the technologies that the Viking tell.  Continue reading “Ancient Technologies pt. 3”


Nisnas, A Mysterious Nation Before Humans

“..And many said we’re not alone..” (Paranatural, National Geographic Channel)

What Paranatural program talks is about extraterrestrials, Unknown Flying Objects (UFO), and some unexplained phenomenons as seen in Roswell, New Mexico, in the ’40s era. And blah blah blah … I can’t explain in one by one … 😉

So, do you all believe in extraterrestrials? I believe that, because the Islamic Qur’an has it own documentary. And some monuments on earth, such as Pyramid of Giza, The Mayan Temples, it also give a proof that “life outside the earth” does exist. But we’re gonna talk it based on the Islamic Qur’an documentary first 😉 Continue reading “Nisnas, A Mysterious Nation Before Humans”