My lovely country, the country that’s located between two oceans; Indian and Pacific Ocean, and two continents; Asia and Australia.The strategic location which makes Indonesia as one of the country with many foreign cultures, and also making Indonesia as one of the country that’s always been passed by merchants from many countries since the 15th century (but I wonder why Indonesia is still a third-world country, while Indonesia has many stores of nature and human resources).

Yes, this is the country of sailors and conquerors. This is the way of life of our ancestors. We had diplomacy with China and other South Eastern kingdoms since the Medieval Era, when Hindu and Budha rules. Then, when Islamic era is on the upper hand (15th century), we had a diplomacy between France, America, Turkey, and Singapore, and maybe with Netherlands through rebellions. Then, on 17 August 1945, our nation had declared it’s independency from Japan, and based on the international laws (de jure), we’ve became officially the first independent country after World War 2 and the 70th oldest country in the world. And our struggle doesn’t stop ’till December 1949 where the Netherlands stopped once and for all attacking Indonesia after Japan (1945).


The new conquered Indonesia, image from:

But, there is my country in reverse with our ancestors and predecessors. The goverment now are not people who fights for independence, but supporting it. Papua, the land of gold, had been conquered by Freeport, and it’s oil had been conquered by Exxon and Chevron. And more embarresingly, some of resources (oil) is conquered by Petronas Malaysia. Is this the stupidity of the goverment?

And these recents, there were many corruption and money scandalization in the legal goverment that made KPK (Corruption Wipe-out Commition) dizzy. And worsely, the KPK itself can be easily greased. So, the corruptors’ sentence period is shorter than a thief.

People of Indonesia, let’s unite together. This year, for the new cabinet, Work Cabinet (Indonesia: Kabinet Kerja), we should be prepared for the worst possibilities. A trauma on the Indonesia Unite II Cabinet (Id: Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu II) should make us more aware of goverment corruption and misgoverments. If the new cabinet makes a beneficial policies, we will unite to support that policies. But if it’s not, we will unite to resist it, without demonstration and violence. For Indonesia!


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