New School

For nearly 3 months more, I’ve moved to a new environment.

Yup, after a hard effort from the 9th grade to reach senior high school, I’m in senior high school now. I’m studying in MAN 3 Malang, one of the best Islamic senior high schools in Malang city, and I also stayed in the al-Qalam hostel. My life is 180 degrees different than in my junior high school.

Every weekdays we woke up on 4 AM less. Man, I’m still sleepy and tired. Then, I usually go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and go to the mosque to have ablution before praying. After we pray, we read the Qur’an and following ta’lim activity (hearing some sermons and studying Islamic lessons). Then, on 5:20, we go back to our room and prepared for school. On 6:15, we go to school.

On about 2:35 PM, we’re back. We usually take a rest for a while, then following extracurriculary activities (if there is), wash our clothes, or taking a nap (for the lazy ones).Then, on 5 o’clock we usually take a bath before praying on 5:30 (and oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that we also prayed on 11:30 AM and after school on 3:35 PM).

After praying, we had another ta’lim until the night prayer on 6:35 PM. And finally we studied until 9 or 10 PM before going to sleep.

Well, that’s all that I can tell about my new school. Keep updated on hauzan113! 😉


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