Just Watched Battle Force 5

Since my dad bought me a BF5 DVD (3rd volume), I was interested to follow dat anime.. eh, it’s a cartoon.. Yeah, I was interested. 2 years ago, I was interested to watch it on Cartoon Network.. But I was interested to follow it again since a few weeks ago. Actually, there are many episodes that I didn’t watch, either from the first or the second season. And finally I decided to watch the 2013 movie, Full Revolution. After the 5 council defeated the Vandals, robotic army of Sark, and Red Sentient 5, and of course taking back the Sentients’ minds, and saving the Red Sentient from a long hibernation, they finally had a mission to save the multiverse from the Karmodians.

And OMG you gotta watch the new movie it’s very awesome.. Even I watched the Spanish version of it -_-

I know that I haven’t watched all the episodes, so in the end I decided to buy a DVD of BF5 which contains 9 volumes! (And I think all episodes of the first and second season are in this DVD!)


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