Ancient Technologies pt. 3

After watching the episode about the Viking’s mythology, I was inspirated to write down the technologies that the Viking tell. 

Odin’s Spear

OdinsSpearThe name was Gungnir. The Nordik mythology told that Odin’s spear if it’s throwen it’ll hit anything. Now that’s similar to the modern military weapon, heat-seeking missile. As you can see, the missile had a laser to scan the target and guiding the missile to the target. Coincidence? Or, did they (the Nordik) witness it directly?


Thor’s Hammer


This hammer had the power to control storm. And when if it’s thrown it can destroy mountains.

How could this little weapon destroy a mountain? A research from NASA had a result that even little things, if it’s thrown hard it could destroy bigger things, even if it’s hundreds times bigger than the throwen thing. The research used a little metal ball (the size is the same as a pea), and the target, a medium sized concrete block. The ball was pushed with an engine that have a huge kinetik energy inside it. The ball was thrown by this engine.. And BOOM..! The concrete block was destroyed into pieces..

But what we have here is it can also control lightning. I mean.. This technology had a strong electromagnetic force so it can control weather. But there is no evidence that he (Thor) can control weather, but lightning instead 🙂

Rainbow Bridge

The Vikings believe that this bridge links mankind to the divine realm called Valhalla. This world is believed to be one of the nine world of Yggdrasil (Tree of Life). This must be some type of wormhole, andI had a conclusion that the Ancient Norse know how to open the wormhole. And that’s interesting, because who teach them to do that? And they also believe that dead brave warriors will come back to Valhalla. They were served by the gods with foods and drinks in the gods’ long table.

Well, that’s the ancient technologies from Ancient Norse beliefs. I hope I can publish the next part of Ancient Technologies 🙂


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