New Activity on The Virtual World~

Well, maybe you’re asking why I’m offline these days. Yes, because I had something to do. I’m the admin of the facebook fanpage named GTA Mystery Team. And yes, we’re talking, and investigate hundreds of rumors around San Andreas (mostly). 

GTA Mystery Team logo
GTA Mystery Team logo

Even if the fanpage is to investigate all kinds of GTA version, but the detectives mostly talk about the mysteries of San Andreas. The admins are

1. me (a.k.a Admin H/Hauzan),

2. Admin Daniel (he’s the founder :D),

3. Admin Kazuma (he’s talkin’ the mysteries by hacking/opening the scripts of the game),

4. Admin Billy (he talks about new rumors and mysteries going on San Andreas),

5. and some unknown admins who were mostly slackers 😀

Ok, I think this article is enough to explain why I was offline on WordPress 😀 And yeah, don’t forget to like us 😀


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