GTA SA: Wooden Creatures

About a week ago, until now, I had a research about the wooden creatures. Do you know what they are? If you know, this will be an advance to our investigation. ^_^

Our team had a research about it by looking at the possibilities. Here are some of it:

A bear


When I had a research by watching the videos on Youtube, one video records Back ‘o Beyond on stormy weather (and it also researchs about the wooden creature). After he records the video, he zoomed the video very far. And he found something interesting, the creature’s shadow.

 The shadow looks like Bigfoot but maybe it was a bear. Because it was walking. For me and my team, maybe it looks like a standing forest bear, standing to reach a beehive 🙂




Well, if you look at the zoomed picture (that I told before), it looks like Bigfoot. Another proof lies on the Back ‘o 

Beyond on foggy weather. Both research on the same place, and the different weather give a surprising results. In Back ‘o Beyond on the foggy weather, there’s a monkey-liked creature. Monkey? Yes. But his tall is the same as original adults’ tall. But Admin Kazuma told, “Maybe you’re wrong, because I had saw a shadow of it, but unfortunately it’s only a normal villager.” And he also find Bigfoot files by hacking it (of course!), but there’s no file that told the existence of Bigfoot.


ImageHmm.. I only read about this creature when one villager in my town shows the evidence about the existnce of this mysterious, suspicious, creature. The proof is his lambs are dead because their blood was sucked, and there are footprints of a dog. The villager said, “This is not a normal dog. If a normal dog was getting inside my lambs’ cage, he will eat my lamb. But what do you see here is my lambs’ blood were sucked.” And his nephew told that he heard the dog’s howl, but he had no time to check it because he was sick. So, for you who didn’t know what chupacabra is, he’s a vampire dog (likely..).

In GTA SA, one of our admin told that the wooden creature had a possibility that it’s chupacabra, because it had four legs. 



Oh, c’mon..! This is a cleo mod..! This creature is known on internet (also an internet meme..?). GTA SA was created on 2004, and Slenderman was famous on 2012. So.. It’s a mod. -_-


ImageAs you know, LF lives in Panopticon, Shady Creeks, Fisher’s Lagoon, and of course.. Back ‘o Beyond. This is my own possibility about the wooden creature. Maybe he’s wandering around the forest to find a victim, or cutting down the trees. But LF only can be found at foggy weather. So, the wooden creature on the foggy weather maybe LF.



That’s the possibilites that I can tell. But for me it’s only a glitch, because it looks like Bigfoot, but Bigfoot doesn’t exist on this game. So, it’s a glitch 🙂


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