The Most Important Thing on Running Bussiness!!

When I saw a luxurious cafe (or restaurant, I’m not sure :/), that thing’s gonna blow. I mean.. It’s not in demand, even one seat is empty! That’s awkward and I feel pity, because it’s luxurious!

But there’s no way I’m going to buy anything in that place. Because people knew that place has regular foods and drinks just like other cafe, but the price of it it’s like when that ‘thing’ is on the American depression. I mean.. That thing should’ve been standing on America at the largest depression, because of the price. I’ve ever bought a medium size pizza on there, and it’s $4!? Wow, and you know, people who lived around there is most wealthy people (I don’t live there, I’m just sight seeing :/).

Knowing this private story of mine, I remembered John D Rockefeller, Sr., when he ran his oil business. Even he’s greedy, but he never had an aim to increase the oil’s price. He only wanted to serve the Americans with selling his oil lamp. He was very rich, until he fell enough with the profit of his business.

So what do you think? Exactly. If you want to make your business going well and profitable, you should promote it instead of increasing the price.


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