Indonesia’s Unique Street Foods

Well, I’ll tell you a story about my lovely nation, Indonesia, about it’s street foods. What do you think when I say street foods? Snacks, regular foods, or maybe your daily food if you don’t have much money to buy groceries? 😉

Well, here are some popular street foods of Indonesia. Delicious? More than that, and of coursely it’s unique.

1. Rempelo Ati

Rempelo ati with margarin, hmmm..

This food is a fried (or sometimes boiled) chicken liver.

Disgusting!?  Hmmm.. No, it isn’t, even if it’s a little bit bitter and wierd. For this country with many unwealthy people, eating all part of the animal’s body is normal. Indonesian likes chicken’s thigh, wings, and chest, just like the world, but they also like to eat their head, liver, and their feet. For head and feet, Indonesian cook it with boiling it because it was made of bones. Many Indonesian recipes was using these bones, such as soup, soto (Indonesian savoury soup), semur and chicken curry.

Okay, back to the liver 😉 I like eating ati with wonton noodle, even I’m pretty wealthy (I’m not arrogant ;)). And Indonesian have been creating many recipes using this meat, such as rempelo ati sambal rujak (rempelo ati rujak chili), semur ati ampela/ati ampela bumbu semur (ati ampela with semur sauce) .

2. Fried chili sauce

I like Indonesia’s chili sauce, even if it’s behind the times and only can be eaten with Indonesia’s meat dishes (including rempelo ati ;)), fishes, shrimp, stringbean, krecek (buffalo skin that was processed to be eaten), tempe, and tofu.

Fried chili sauce is a chili sauce fried with the side dish I wrote above. So you spread the uncooked side dish with a chili sauce. And then, you can fry it. It tastes delicious. 😉

Oh yeah, this chili sauce is always mashed with rempelo ati and potatoes before it was spreaded to the side dishes.

3. Tempe

Tempe? No, we’re not talking about Arizona right now! 😉 Tempe is an Indonesian side dish which is made from fermented soy bean. For you who like hot foods, you can mash this tempe with Indonesian traditional chili sauce. Hmm.. Or, you can fry it only if you don’t like hot foods.

4. Tahu Petis

This food is made of tofu that was eaten with petis sauce. This food can be served either with or without Indonesian chili sauce. Wikipedia said that this food is suitable for Indonesian tongue, but I’m not. Because I had been vomiting and diarea because of eating this food. 😦

Well, this is all the unique foods I know.. I’m not really interested at cooking, so this is all I can write for you who likes Indonesian cuisine!


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