Innovated :)

I have a secret. Not about extraterrestrials, but something that I want to tell you for months.

Do you know Inbox Karaoke on Sawojajar, Malang? I like that building. It has a nice structure, and have anime wallpapers on some of the windows. I always think it day and night. Yeah, I want a building like that ust because it has anime wallpapers on it, and it’s my only worldly lust. But not a karaoke bussiness, I want to run an animanga bussiness.

I’ve runned this animanga bussiness for a few days 😉 It talks about the fight between light (or justice?) and darkness. The fight between humans against darkness. Cool, isn’t it?

But, I always cry, knowing I ran this bussiness for a short time, but how could I find an investor to support me, so I have a monthly income to build a studio? And how could I get employees without money? I only work with my older cousin.

But, I knew from the series The Men Who Build America, just do it! If Rockefeller can build pipes all over the country, why I can’t build a 2 floor studio??

Just continue your animanga, Hauzan. And when it succeed, find an investor who gives money for you to build that studio and find employees! Keep struggling, Hauzan! Don’t break your spirit!


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