Ancient Technologies pt. 2

I don’t know why do I want to publish the second part of my celestial writing “Ancient Technologies”, but hey, I just remembered some ancient, but advanced technologies, based on “Ancient Aliens: Power Plant” and “Chariot of the Gods?” by Erich von Daniken.

Prologue: The More We Go to the Future, The More We Left Behind

Ancient Egypt discovered advanced cutter, anti gravity technology, light bulb, Baghdad battery, and time machine.

Advanced cutter, anti gravity technology, and time machine was also discovered by pyramid workers around the world.

Time machine was used by the Inca.

Many chariots and a submarine was discovered in The Book of Bible.

The southern Asia’s gospels also discovered chariots that’s the same as the Bible said.

Many of us didn’t know, our advanced age was in the past. The more we go to the future, the more we were left behind. Simply, make a timeline. Then, wrote “past” in the left side and “present” in its right.

Then, wrote the technologies from the Ancient Egypt to the present, or 2013 A.D. You’ll see that the more we go to past the more advanced we are. But where did the technologies came from?

The Pyramids

Pyramid of Giza

The world’s most famous structure lies everywhere in the world, with its “king” The Pyramid of Giza. But how ancient people can build these similar monuments, while we don’t have transport facility? And how can we build it, without writing knowledge? We can’t run if we can’t walk, isn’t it?

The ancient people built it from one teacher, and that “teacher” teachs the ancient people.

The last time we talk about “Ancient Technologies”, we can conclude that the pyramids was built by anti gravity and advanced cutters. But why did they build these huge monuments?

Ancient Aliens said that it was to know where we are, instead of giving Global Positioning System (GPS), because if they give advanced technology to us, then we use it until the modern days, our technology will fastly more and more advanced, and the more the world will be destructed. So, they give simple, but not advanced technology. If they introduce and give advanced technology, they’ll pick it or destroy it on their hands.

The Chariots

Garuda and Lord Visnu

Erich von Daniken was obsessed in this chariot because when he was 15 years old, he had a lesson to translate the Hebrew Bible (as I know), but he found strange things on that Bible that talks about flying machines or something like that.

One example of the chariots was Garuda. Garuda was told he was made of metal, able to vomit fire, able to fly in high speed, and he eats snakes. What do you think? Yes, Garuda was a jetplane. We have to know that ancient people draws unearthly things (for them) into the gods or the gods’ technologies and stuff or other religious things. But our technology is dynamicly advanced and more advanced, so

that “unearthly things” can be defined by brain as something normal in this era.

About that Garuda, as a jetplane, he was made of metal, able to vomit fire, able to fly in high speed, and eat snakes. If we see plane, we see that he was eating snake (filling the plane with aviation with pipe). And that’s what the ancient people saw.

And what was Lord Visnu doing on that plane? Well, he travels the world above it.

Many of these chariots incident was mainstreamly from Hindu texts.


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