Ancient Technologies

What I’ve like about Ancient Aliens is the ancient technologies, the celestial technology that’s given to our ancestors. And from all the episodes that I’ve watch in Ancient Aliens, I had a short conclusions that link to the ancient technologies.

Advanced Cutter

If you see the ancient blocks and ancient sarcophagus, you’ll see that it’s cutted neatly. Ancient Aliens has tried to cut an ancient block with a little chainsaw and laser, but it wasn’t as neat as the ancient cutter that our ancestor’s used.

“If you say that our ancestors can cut tidily with stones and chicken bones, sorry.” -Giorgio A. Tsuokalos

Once again, it’s proved from the ancient buildings’s blocks and ancient sarcophagus.

Anti Gravity Technology


It’s something weird, even in the 21st century. Our ancestors lived before Newton, and how could they defy gravity without studying Newton’s law about gravity while Newton doesn’t exist in that time? Is there someone before Newton who know the law of gravity?

The proof is the pyramids and monuments that our ancestors made is made of dozens, even hundreds solid blocks.

Some said that it was lifted by hundreds of humans, and some said that it was lifted by anti gravity technology. I still don’t know which one is right.

But there is still one proof that makes me believe of this technology.

In Saqqara, a sarcophagus was buried underground about 6 feet. And normally, if they bury this sarcophagus without a slide, the sarcophagus will be broken on the bottom. But strangely, the bottom part of the sarcophagus was still fine.

Time Machine

Our ancestors in Inca wrote in their cave walls that they’ve called a galactic journey. The proof is they draw that they and their gods were walking inside the spiral with doing a specific ritual. Their gods are written as a giant ant holding a staff in his right hand and a portal. And they built a large-symmetrical-spiral shape colloseum to travel the other galaxy using their own time machine. What did they see  after they get inside the portal and before they came out?

And my dad, as my private mentor said that the celestial ships wasn’t an airship. It used time machine to move it, not with engines and aviation fuel that we know today in the 21st century.

Light Bulb

Ancient light bulb?
Ancient light bulb?

This Edison’s invention was a replacement against Rockefeller’s oil lamp. But, is it true that Edison had found a lost ancient technology?

A relief in Pyramid of Giza draws the ancient Egypt was hailing to the gods, while the gods is holding something that’s kinda made of glass and plugged on a wall or something. Is this only our ancestor’s imagination, or they really see it?


Power Plants

We’ll talk about it next time, because it contains lost of explanations. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ancient Technologies

  1. In that time, there is something like jewel which able to overcome the gravity. Simply put it in any heavy things, then you can lift it up easily.
    Cheers. Dad.


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