Don’t be Desperate!

When I’m downloading the full client of the third season of ILS (Indonesian Lost Saga), the installer had an error. I was desperate, but I remembered someone.. Someone that told me not to be desperate..

John D. Rockefeller (senior)

The most wealthy man in America in his time, has called by Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt to cooperate with him. As a company director, he’s really happy. Vanderbilt and Rockefeller had the same goal; to be the richest men in America.

When his oils were transported into the other countries by a train, suddenly, Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, who owns the trains and rail roads in America, cooperated with Rockefeller’s biggest rival, Andrew Carnegie. For Rockefeller, the war begins. He picked all his oils away from Vanderbilt’s trains. He don’t know what to do, and he’s nearly desperate. Without Vanderbilt’s trains, he can’t transport his oils throughout the countries. But he won’t give up. If he’s desperate, maybe Vanderbilt and Carnegie will laugh at him. So, he built big pipes to all over the countries. With his zeal to be the richest man in America, he built 8 km/day.

And in the America’s biggest economy depression, he’s the only man who want to survive with all his abilities, and he and his company survived. And, he buy his oil rivals who go bankrupted.

In the end, he really became the richest man in America. Even after Carnegie built St. Louis bridge, Carnegie’s wealth is only 1:7 compared to Rockefeller’s wealth.

Andrew Carnegie

1843 AD, Mississipi River

The building of St. Louis Bridge is on progress. Just a few months of the construction, Carnegie sees problems, problems with the money. He’s running out of it. And finally, the construction nearly stopped, and he can’t pay his workers! Carnegie received letters from his workers to pay them (the workers), until a few workers want to arrest him.

But Carnegie has prepared it. He called a rich investor to do all his jobs, and to revenge the death of his mentor, Tom Scott, that Carnegie told it was caused by Rockefeller. He wants a revenge without mercy for Rockefeller.

And one of his quotes that I like was:

.. Nothing is impossible ..

Thomas A Edison

Many know this guy, he’s the founder of the Direct Current electricity, rival of Nikola Tesla who founds Alternating Current electricity.

Because of his afraid of the dark, and to create a modern lamp, he created a lamp using electricity. For him, this technology is useful to light houses at night, and lighter than Rockefeller’s oil lamp. He failed his experiment for about six thousand times! But he wasn’t desperate. He was motivated to light houses and begone his fear against the dark..


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