The Mystery of The Moon

Everybody knows it. The earth’s natural satellite. But scientists say that moon is the extraterrestrial’s only satellite in the galaxy. Is it true?

In the past 20th century, a few astronauts try to drill the moon’s ground, to research the minerals of the moon’s ground. Surprisingly, they found many metal minerals after they drill it. Because it was found to hard to drill.  When the astronauts were heading to earth, of course they release the boosters. And surprisingly again, the ground had a quake for a long time, 15 minutes. What a long time for a quake just because a booster fell into the ground?? And without gravity?? And didn’t you feel strange, why does the moon’s face always the same in every time, like they didn’t rotate?? Planets and satellite always rotating on their axis, right?? Is the moon extraterrestrial’s sattelite to protect the earth from chaos?? And some said that the aliens said to us to our ancestors, “We’ll watching you all time from our satellite, but the only satellite we have is the moon.” Is it true that the moon is alien’s satellite?


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