Are We Star Products?

“Star products” means alien’s creation. Scientists believe that. Is it possible that we’re star products? And just how, aliens can create us?

Based on Science and Religion’s Opinion

For me, this is something controversial. Because I’m a person who believes in both science and religion. Those two are like water and oil. Until scientists and scholars were like enemies. You can’t mix it. But now, in the 21-st century, that was wrong. Both science and religion can unite.

Science said, the gods were extraterrestrials. And religion said, gods are real Essence who created the universe. Which one do you prefer?

Some people believe in this science theory, or religion theory, or both theories. But science-religion theory said that the gods were extraterrestrials, and they created us. The Southern Asia’s religion and the other ancient’s beliefs used this theory. The theory was made by the imaginations of our ancestors because they believe flying things are God.

But, this theory dynamicly changed when the Revelation religions (the Jewish, Christianity, and Islam) was born. Each of these religions has nearly same prophet, moral values, and God. They believe that the gods theory was wrong. And these religions believe that there was only one God who had the highest level of all things in the universe, remaining extraterrestrials. The Nisnas (the extraterrestrials, based on the Islamic theory) is a human too, but living in a galaxy far away from the Milky Way.

Think it Logically!

The extraterrestrials created us? Think again! Extraterrestrials were humans like us, but the difference is they live in the other galaxy. Can those human create themselves? Yeah, they have advanced technology, but they can’t.You say we’re star products, but hey, they’re human too. So, they’re creation of other stars? No, we and the extraterrestrials are God’s creation, exactly! So, if scientists still say that we’re star products, sorry, I’m God’s creation. 😉


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