Candy Allergy

Who doesn’t know this sweet snack? Well, I’m allergic to it. You know why?Sometime, when I’m going to a shop in front of my house, I always bought a tea. The price of the tea is Rp2,800.00 (read: 2,800 rupiah, or about 28 cents). And I always pay it with Rp3,000.00, because I’m lazy to bring Rp800.00 (it’s a combination Rp100.00, Rp200.00, and Rp500.00, those three are coins, and it’s more portable to bring Rp3,000.00, a combination of three sheets of Rp1.000,00). But what is making me mad, she (the shop keeper) gives me 2 candies that’s valued Rp100,00 each. When I asked, “Isn’t there any coins?”. She said, “No, I don’t have some.”

If don’t why didn’t she asks the neighbors to exchange only a sheet of Rp1.000,00 with ten coins of Rp100,00?

In this true story of me, it’s simple to say that people has many ways to serve his/her lust, even it’s only for Rp100.00 (1 cent). But there is also a way to vanish a person’s lust. Like me, I’m trying to vanish the shop keeper’s lust, by bringing Rp2,800.00 (the same price as the tea) so I’m not bringing two candies home again ^^


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