Nisnas, A Mysterious Nation Before Humans

“..And many said we’re not alone..” (Paranatural, National Geographic Channel)

What Paranatural program talks is about extraterrestrials, Unknown Flying Objects (UFO), and some unexplained phenomenons as seen in Roswell, New Mexico, in the ’40s era. And blah blah blah … I can’t explain in one by one … 😉

So, do you all believe in extraterrestrials? I believe that, because the Islamic Qur’an has it own documentary. And some monuments on earth, such as Pyramid of Giza, The Mayan Temples, it also give a proof that “life outside the earth” does exist. But we’re gonna talk it based on the Islamic Qur’an documentary first 😉

Nisnas, Mysterious Nation on Earth Before Humans: Books Mentioned in no order of creatures that inhabit and rule the Earth before the Human Order. It is said that the creature was Jin (Genie) Nations and the Nisnas.

Nisnas nation was the first living thing on Earth, they live with Jin one time, one time they also lived with dinosaurs.

If you’ve been following the progress of research in the ancient times surely you can find things that are odd in the days of dinosaurs, there is only one manuscript in the world that little strip of this, the manuscript is now kept in a chapel in Sweden.

Nisnas nation is a great nation that destroyed long before Prophet Adam descended to Earth. Nisnas nations believed to have lived in the far north the Earth is close to the North Pole.

One of the city where the presence of relics of Nations Nisnas is Sbetzbergen, in this city there are many relics of the nation has been destroyed, such as paintings or winged human half-animal creatures.

Maybe at the time of the half-animal creatures did exist on Earth, perhaps even after the nation was annihilated the remnants of those who survive are considered gods by the human order.

No wonder around the world we can find a variety of artifacts or human half-animal paintings and even in Indonesia itself there are human artifacts such as half-human beast Garuda.

In one of the temples in Central Java (shaped human body with wings and a bird’s head), the same as in the paintings in the Egyptian Pyramid (bird-headed human body).

Or maybe the mythology and legends formerly was indeed true, as many refer to Greek mythology and described a half-animal, or the legends of the land of Java that tells the human half-animal (dog head human body commonly called Aul), almost the same as Anubis in beliefs of Ancient Egypt.

Sbetzbergen itself is located close to the circumference of the pole, where the sun only shines half months in a year, so the rest is darkness, darkness was lit only by the Aurora Borealis.

There are so many relics of the past are not tracked there. Relics of the past before humans rule the Earth.

It is said that the nation Nisnas told this is a highly developed nation. Nisnas nation is given extraordinary abilities, intellect and mind far beyond humans at this time, one of their advantages is remarkable that they have a very powerful telepathic abilities.

Their technology are very advanced, more than the technology at this time, they have built magnicifent cities with all the perfect advanced technology and urban planning.

Nisnas nation has a much higher stature than man now, it’s no wonder the temples and buildings constructed by them are so big and majestic.

Their race is divided into a number, there is a very similar to human but has wings, there are animal-headed human body or otherwise.

Because of pride, ego, and lust, they are at war between each other until the nation is destroyed by Azazel (Azaziel) the Commander, because they have forgotten the task that has been given by God.

Almost everything is destroyed in a battle with forces led ceiling Azazel (Azaziel) left only a few of them and their heritage, and even then only known by certain men, in addition to the legacy Sbetzbergen they also exist in Sweden and a region in Asia.

With pride, ego and lust they continue to fight with each other in order for territory and power.

With the ability to sense and extraordinary mastery of advanced technology they are able to create any weapons that go beyond his time, they’ve created what we call nuclear.

Aircraft, metal smelting and processing technique is almost perfect (this technique was found back in the famous Damascus swords that have exceptional sharpness but unfortunately this technique again was destroyed and not recovered).

With this ability to suppress them fight each other in which the weak are prey to the strong, made the earth destroyed, they have forgotten their duties as caliph on earth, because that God sent thousands of angels led by Azazel (Azaziel/before he was expelled, and known as Lucifer in Christ) and thousands of birds Hell (phoenix).

Seeing the arrival of the troops sky, they are panicking, arrogance destroyed all of the knowledge and technologies they control, there was a sense of remorse for the deeds they have done.

But too late, the sky troops have come and ready to destroy them, long story short they were destroyed from the earth is to be replaced by the Caliph and the new Adam.

But some have survived and escaped from the attack and they were spread out to form colonies and build their civilization back.

Some of those intangible human half fish escape into trenches the deepest, they are the ones that we often hear as a daughter/son of a mermaid.

They built their civilization back underwater cities are no less sophisticated with their city that had been destroyed earlier, while some of them who was a half-beast and those who have a shape like a human but has wings to help each other to build a new civilization.

They split up and promised to help each other in building a new civilization, those with physical and human-like winged build civilizations and cities are very pretentious at all for hundreds of years that we know as Atlantis.

While they are in the form of a half-beast build what we refer to as Lemuria (Mu), and there was a marriage between them which spawned creatures genius beyond his time.

They’ve been able to travel across the Galaxy, they have also been able to create reconnaissance satellites but only one remains to this day we know as the Moon and they create various tools of war are very sophisticated.

Skan but peace did not last long, they were back on their basic nature is to dominate and destroy, eventually there was a titanic battle involving super-advanced weaponry at their disposal.

Then again shattering civilization they had built with great difficulty because of their behavior. Finally the survivors fled to distant planets, but occasionally they visited earth before they were born to spread the knowledge they possess.

It was they who taught the Egyptians hieroglyph, Pyramida, Medical Sciences. They are also the mastermind behind the Mahabharata war, Nazca Line, Inca Civilization, Crystal Skull, Vimanas, they now step as the ones that we call it UFO.

In the old days they got a call god with vehicles that emit fire / light is very bright indeed their vehicles.

It is odd an ordinary man who could build something that was complicated and complex construction like the Pyramid, or temples, ancient humans might not build it without any interference from a creature that has a very high intelligence, this is one example that they still exist and they want to know.

They’ve actually found and had several expeditions went to examine the artifacts of the nation’s heritage.

Ruins discovered by researchers from Sweden and Norway, but the more they know the more they are puzzled, they finally feel free to continue their studies and research.

Too many things that clash with confidence because all they can do is mess up all meticulous beliefs and theories that exist. Therefore, they argue is better left as a secret until the time answers.

Al Qur’an Surah Al Hijr verse 27 describes the creatures before humans are the Jin: “And We have created the jinn before (Adam) from a very hot fire.” (Al-Hijr 15:27)

Then how about the Nisnas?

According to Islamic law, men are not created on earth, but the earth as a human derived and appointed/designated as a Caliph of Allah (replacement/successor) in the earth or as a substitute creature course there are other creatures in the dressing.

In other words is Adam “is not the first creatures” on earth, but it is the “First Man” in the teaching of the Revelation Beliefs, and God does not say to replace humans before, but substitute creature that has made destruction and blood shed on earth, it is the wrath of the Angels.

“And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: ‘Behold, I am about to make a vicegerent on earth’. They asked me (about the ordinances of the Lord’s wisdom by saying): ‘Are you (our Lord) was about to make on the earth who will make the disaster and shed blood, but we always Thy praises and sanctify Thee??’ Lord said: ‘I am aware of what you do not know.’ (Qur’an Surah Al-Baqarah verse 30)

Is The Nisnas People that the angels mean?

(Source:, with some editing because of the nasty English translation)


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