Went to Suramadu and Madura

I did this trip on the past January at 8 a.m. So, in that time, I was sight seeing on Surabaya. Then, I had an inspiration in a few meters before Suramadu. Yeah, let’s go to Suramadu. Then, I paid the fee before going in, and finally I get in there.

The beauty of Suramadu

When I get in, whoa.. What a beautiful sea! What a large bridge! What is this place!? The bridge looks like as large as Golden Gate.. Just like Oggy, my tongue punched the dashboard and slap my face (just kidding). After 5 kilometers, on the Madura edge, I saw a large pasture with people selling souvenirs of Suramadu. But, I’m not really interested, so I drove the car slowly, just to see the sight.

I was planning to sight seeing Madura Island, and I found a mall. I’m tired, so I just see people playing video games there and have some donuts and a cold chocolate. After that, I went home, bringing happy memories of Suramadu Island.


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