Penmanship-Concerning Supposition

Penmanship-Concerning Supposition

The life can be supposed as a writing, whether you believe that it has been (or still) written or not.

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It’s such a blessing in the year’s early!

So today, after I had a network connection after losing it (due to credit depletion), I was surprised. I even forgot that I turned 19 today!

So, basically, my friends on the class’ group chat said “happy birthday!” to me, and I was eager to hearing that. I felt so blessed to have my friends still caring for me.

But, wait a sec☝🏻

How could I forget?

Meh, I don’t even care about my birthday. I care about being caring for the mankind. Just hoping to be a better person, year after year. 😊

*And oh, about the money I received as a present, I’ll use it to fulfil my clothing desire


Slow. That’s just the precise word to tell the internet connection status. Even in this night when most students joined the Hostel Organization there’s still about 20 people inside the internet corner where they use it individually for their own goods!! (No actual difference between other Saturday nights).

But the most stressing thing is when I opened my game to calm myself, the “watchman” of the internet corner suddenly banged on my keyboard’s laptop and calmly said, “If you open your games again, I’ll beat your laptop harder.”

Huh, I guess I’ll stay on this blog. -_-

Just Watched Battle Force 5

Since my dad bought me a BF5 DVD (3rd volume), I was interested to follow dat anime.. eh, it’s a cartoon.. Yeah, I was interested. 2 years ago, I was interested to watch it on Cartoon Network.. But I was interested to follow it again since a few weeks ago. Actually, there are many episodes that I didn’t watch, either from the first or the second season. And finally I decided to watch the 2013 movie, Full Revolution. After the 5 council defeated the Vandals, robotic army of Sark, and Red Sentient 5, and of course taking back the Sentients’ minds, and saving the Red Sentient from a long hibernation, they finally had a mission to save the multiverse from the Karmodians.

And OMG you gotta watch the new movie it’s very awesome.. Even I watched the Spanish version of it -_-

I know that I haven’t watched all the episodes, so in the end I decided to buy a DVD of BF5 which contains 9 volumes! (And I think all episodes of the first and second season are in this DVD!)